Stray Animals Help - Streunerhilfe Bulgarien e. V. is a foundation created by volunteers united by a common cause - to actively help stray animals.


Our team has one common goal - to reduce the suffering of animals, and to make it clear to people that the animals on the streets do not live in nature because nothing of the outside world of a city is anymore part of nature. We cannot help every injured animal, but we can reduce the number of these cases. We even want make them stop happening, at all. So, we need your help!


The daily struggle to survive on the streets of thousands of stray animals must end. And we do our best to reduce the number of incoming new generations by controlling their population, as many of the animals end their lives tragically in their first year.


@credit: Sketches of Sofia: www.facebook.com/etiuditenasofia

Who are we?

We are volunteers driven by our love for animals and our willingness to help them. We believe that every life is valuable and deserves a chance.

What do we do?

We carry out castration of stray animals and aim to reduce the population of homeless animals in Plovdiv. We provide medical assistance to animals in distress.

Why we do it?

Because we believe that every creature bearing soul deserves love and hope for a better life. Because change is possible only with a lot of efforts which we are willing to put in the name of our cause.