How to Help?

Don’t wait for that distant and magical someone to appear and to take care of our strays. Each and any one of you, regardless of your resources, can be a part of this. All that is needed is desire and willingness to reach out, to give some of your time, and you will notice how your life changes.

@credit: Sketches of Sofia:

Make a Donation

You can donate on our organization’s account to help us save more and more stray animals. You can make an individual donation to a specific animal, donation for castration, or to donate to a certain campaign or project. We thank from the bottom of our hearts all those who spare from their own money to donate at the end of the month and never forget the strays!

Bank Account:


Stray Animals Help - Streunerhilfe Bulgarien

Raiffeisen Bank

IBAN: BG64 RZBB 9155 1008 0163 24



For material donations, please contact us at or leave a personal message on our Facebook page.


We need:

- dog and cat food (granules, cans, pouches)

- cat toilet (silicone, bento, pressed), toilet boxes

- diapers

- cells for transportation

- deworming solutions: external (powder, spray, pipettes), internal (pills and paste) and deworming shampoos

- disinfectants


Thank you, human! :)