About us

We have gathered our team with one distinct goal – to reduce the suffering of animals, to make ordinary people understand that these beings do not actually live in nature, for the streets of our cities have long since departed from their roots and are no longer a part of it.


Our core concept is rooted in genuine respect for nature which does not allow human intervention as the said would destroy it.


We can stop the development and evolution of the city and the cars in it. Unfortunately, we do not have the power to prevent bad people from acting out. What we do have the power to do is to put a limit to animal suffering, we can learn to respect and bear strict responsibility for them.


The mere fact that they are not living in our homes but on our streets does not automatically mean that we are stripped of all responsibility. If we ourselves wish to lead a normal, fair, and morally dignified life in the city, then is it possible for us to achieve it while passing by corpses and animal suffering on the streets?



We do not have the power to help an animal that has already been hurt, injured or mistreated but we can do our best to put a stop to such practices. We can even make them stop for good. But only with your help!

@credit: Sketches of Sofia: www.facebook.com/etiuditenasofia

How Does the Castration Center Work?

We operate according to the so-called ‘spiral scheme’ - from one area to the other, looking for and relying on volunteers to help us control the stray population in that given area. You can always find out where we are in the News Section and provide us with your kind assistance. And we really do need your help!


Apart from this, we also treat castration emergencies (like, for example, possible pregnancies), regardless of their area of location, but one must make an appointment over the telephone.


We provide further information and explanation via the sharing of brochures on our Facebook page and any other mean by which the benefits from castration can become more popular.



We also count a great deal on you too!